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Top-of-the-line medical treatment from a caring staff

See a doctor who considers you more than just a patient. You'll receive quality medical services from the experts at Family Medicine Associates Of Fayetteville. You or any of your family can stop by our office for our services since we care for people of every age group.

Be among our many satisfied patients who like to receive a more personalized care in our small office. You'll get first-class treatment from us since we're one of the only standing private practices that aren't attached to a hospital. Contact us now to receive excellent health care.

High-quality healthcare

  • Newborn and pediatric care

  • Adult care

  • Minor procedures

  • Gynecological care

Experienced medical team

Get treatment from our experienced doctors who have 30 years of combined experience. Our family-owned and operated practice has been providing you with top care for 6 years.

Offering premium medical service coverage